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(NASA Langley Research Center provides shelter for Langley Air Force Base F-22 Raptors as the approaching Hurricane Hermine moves up the east coast.David C. Bowman/NASA, Langley)

As Hurricane Hermine passed through Florida last week and moved northward, Langley Air Force Base in Virginia was faced with the problem of protecting its F-22 Raptors. 

Costing about $140 million a pop, not including development costs, the stealth aircraft became vulnerable to… Continue reading


HONOLULU (AP) — The number of savanna elephants in Africa is rapidly declining and the animals are in danger of being wiped out as international and domestic ivory trades drive poaching across the continent, according to a study released Wednesday.

Africa’s savanna elephant population plummeted by about 30 percent from 2007 to 2014 and is declining at about 8 percent a year, said a survey funded by Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist… Continue reading


What's Causing Louisiana's Historic Flooding?

Tremendous downpours have inundated parts of Louisiana over the last few days, resulting in disastrous flooding and forcing thousands of people from their homes. But what’s causing this historic flooding in areas that rarely receive such significant rainfall days?

An “inland sheared tropical depression” is how the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Weather Service (NWS) described the heavy rain event on Friday morning (Aug. 12). The NWS also noted that… Continue reading


CAIRO (Reuters) – Nobel Prize-winning Egyptian-American chemist Ahmed Zewail, a science and technology advisor to President Barack Obama and the first U.S. science envoy to the Middle East, died on Tuesday in the United States, his spokesman told Egyptian state TV.

Zewail, who was 70 and a member of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) faculty, was the sole recipient of the Nobel chemistry prize in 1999 for his pioneering work… Continue reading


By Holly Rubenstein

(Reuters) – British physics professor Brian Cox taught students at St. Paul’s Way Trust School in London on Tuesday how to create fire with methane gas.

The school is hosting a science summer school and invited the celebrity physicist, who says he hopes the project will bring in those from different backgrounds.

“We often hear – it’s true actually – that we have a shortage across the world of scientists… Continue reading


(Flickr/stu_spivack) The next genetically modified food you eat probably won’t be a GMO.

At least not in the conventional sense of the term, which means genetically modified organism.

It will probably be made using Crispr, a new technique that lets scientists precisely tweak the DNA of produce so that it can do things like survive drought or avoid turning brown.

Harvard geneticist George Church thinks crops… Continue reading


Living close to a site used for hydraulic fracturing, also called fracking, may increase a person’s risk of developing asthma, a new study finds.

Researchers found that people who lived close to active fracking wells were more likely to develop mild, moderate or severe asthma compared with those who did not live near active sites, according to the study, published today (July 18) in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. 

“Fracking” is a shorthand… Continue reading


Unconventional is Yahoo News’ complete guide to what could be the craziest presidential conventions in decades. Here’s what you need to know today.

1. Trump was considering four types of running mates. Why he plans to go with Mike Pence.

By Andrew Romano and Jon Ward 

[UPDATE: After this column was published, news broke that Donald Trump plans to select


Indie developer Squad’s popular interstellar exploration game Kerbal Space Program will make its console debut this week with the launch of a PlayStation 4 version, studio CEO Ezequiel Ayarza announced.

Kerbal Space Program is also set to arrive for the Xbox One by the end of July, and a Wii U version is also in the works.

Related: Sega acquires ‘Endless Space’ creator Amplitude Studios

Originally released for PC platforms via Steam Early Access… Continue reading


In the rugged Sahtú region of Canada’s Northwest Territories, a district so remote that in winter only a single treacherous ice road connects it to the outside world, life revolves around caribou. Although the region’s indigenous people today reside in villages, subsistence hunting remains central to diet and culture. Wildlife biologists had long studied caribou by swooping down in helicopters, netting them, and affixing them with radio collars, a process… Continue reading


By Ben Gruber

(Reuters) – Scientists have recorded the first ever microscopic movies of water being vaporized by the world’s brightest X-ray laser.

Aside from creating a series of mesmerizing videos, the data gathered at the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, in Menlo Park, California, could shed new light on X-ray lasers, and how these extremely bright, fast flashes of light take atomic-level snapshots of some of nature’s speediest processes. 

"It… Continue reading