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Killtest SY0-401 PDF Questions, Killtest SY0-401 Exam Guide

Sara, the security administrator, must configure the corporate firewall to allow all public IP addresses on the internal interface of the firewall to be translated to one public IP address on the external interface of the same firewall. Which of the following should Sara configure?
Answer: A

Which of the following devices is MOST likely being used when processing the following?
A. Firewall
C. Load balancer
D. URL filter
Answer: A

Which of the following firewall types inspects Ethernet traffic at the MOST levels of the OSI model?
A. Packet Filter Firewall
B. Stateful Firewall
C. Proxy Firewall
D. Application Firewall
Answer: B

The security administrator at ABC company received the following log information from an external party:
10:45:01 EST, SRC, DST, ALERT, Directory traversal
10:45:02 EST, SRC, DST, ALERT, Account brute force
10:45:03 EST, SRC, DST, ALERT, Port scan
The external party is reporting attacks coming from
Which of the following is the reason the ABC company’s security administrator is unable to determine the origin of the attack?
A. A NIDS was used in place of a NIPS.
B. The log is not in UTC.
C. The external party uses a firewall.
D. ABC company uses PAT.
Answer: D

Which of the following security devices can be replicated on a Linux based computer using IP tables to inspect and properly handle network based traffic?
A. Sniffer
B. Router
C. Firewall
D. Switch
Answer: C

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